Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Heart Elastic Thread

I have never claimed originality, and I'm about as far from it as possible with this next project. But my wonderful new blog friends have exposed me to the wonderful world of ELASTIC THREAD!! I seriously can't believe I didn't know about this. But then I called my mom on the phone and she has NEVER used it - in 50+ years of sewing - so it's not so unlikely that I also wouldn't have used it, seeing as I learned everything I know from her.

I had a bit of left-over fabric from making a receiving blanket and decided to make a little smocked top and leggings.

And the best part - it was so fast and easy!! I'm not going to explain how I made the top because there are already great tutorials here or here that are far more detailed and better photographed than I could ever do. The leggings I made by takinga pair I already had a cutting a pattern off them. Too easy.
But a couple of things I did learn:
  • winding your elastic thread tighter means that the fabric will gather on it's own as you sew and you don't have to pull the thread to gather it, which = BIG PAIN.
  • Make sure you always have enough elastic thread in your bobbin to go all the way around, because unpicking it also = BIG PAIN.

So now go get some elastic thread and let the world of shirring open up!!


  1. Where did all of these posts come from and where have I been? I thought that i would get email updates when you posted because I am a follower but apparently not. You have been very busy and I love it. I am really tempted to go out and get myself some plastic thread and terri cloth and make myself a closet full of tube tops cause the heat is killing me. If I do this you can do a follow up post about how plastic thread is used for evil.

  2. That is absolutely precious!!! You did a great job, it looks professional.
    Love that flower bag you did a few posts back and also the paper flowers! Too cute!


  3. Hello. Why did I not know about this blog? Oh, because I will never do any of it? Or because it will make me insanely jealous of your talents? Or because you are afraid I will require a copy of each of these things sent to me???